Call for papers

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We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Public Transportation

Interaction Design for Analytics

Advanced Public Transportation Management

Internet of Things, Internet of Everything

Advanced vehicle safety systems

IoT impact on Critical Infrastructures

Air, Road, and Rail Traffic Management

ITS Field Tests and Implementation

Alternative Fuels

ITS User Services

Ambient Systems

Local and regional planning

Analytics and Optimization


Analytics for Intelligent Transportation

Management of Exceptional Events

Artificial Transportation Systems

Mobility and the Internet of Vehicles

Automatic Tolls

Modeling, Control and Simulation

Automation and Robotics

Modeling, Simulation, and Detection of Vulnerable Road Users and Animals

Automotive Control and Mechatronics


Automotive industry, new players, new structure and trends


Autonomous Vehicles and Automated Driving

Navigation Systems

Autonomous cars

Networks of Factories

Behavioral modeling in ITS

New business models and smart services

Big Data & Vehicle Analytics

New trends and utopias in ITS

Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Transportation

Off the Road Vehicles

Big Data and Naturalistic Datasets

Parking Management and Electronic Parking

Big Data and Vehicle Analytics

Pattern Recognition for Vehicles

Career development and new types of jobs

Ports and Vessel Traffic Management

Challenges of IoT to Cybersecurity

Ports, Waterways, Inland navigation, and Vessel Traffic Management

City Mobility and Ecodriving

Power Management

Cognitive and Context-Aware Intelligence

Public Transportation Management

Cognitive Radio

Real-Time Incident Detection

Collaboration, teams

Reducing inequality

Commercial Vehicle Operations

Remote Diagnosis

Communication in ITS

Reporting Tools

Communication Protocols

Responsible production and consumption

Congestion Management and Avoidance

Road Safety and Transport Security

Connected and Probe Vehicles

Robotics and Automatization

Connected cars

Security and Safety

Connected Services

Security, Privacy and Safety Systems

Context-aware Systems and Applications

Sensing, Detectors and Actuators

Cooperative Driving and Traffic Management

Smart cities and infrastructure

Cooperative Techniques and Systems 

Smart Grid and V2G

Creative Technologies

Smart Logistics

Crowdsourcing and Social Transportation 

Smart Mobility

Decision Support Systems

Smart Sensors

Deep Learning

Social marketing and innovation in social areas

Driver and Traveler Support Systems

Social networks and communities

Driver Behavior Analysis

Societal issues in ITS

E-mobility and e-charging station network

Socio-economic trends

E-platforms for cooperation between industry and educational institutions

Sustainability of manufacturing within IoT

Education in ITS

Sustainable cities and communities

Electric Vehicle Transportation Systems

Sustainable energy sources and materials

Electric Vehicles

Systems Modeling and Simulation

Electronic Payment Systems

Technical Advances creative companies

Emergency Management

Traffic and Vehicle Data Collection and Processing

Emissions, Noise, Environment

Traffic Management Reporting Systems

Employee healthcare

Traffic Theory for ITS

Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Control

Traffic Theory, Modeling, and Simulation

Engineering secure IoT systems

Transport for People with Disabilities

Environment and climate resilient future

Transportation Electrification

Fleet Telematics

Transportation Networks

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Transportation Smartification

Geographic Information Systems

Urban Mobility and Multimodal Transportation

Green technologies

User and Usage-Level Feedback

HMI and Human-machine interaction 

V2V, V2I, V2X

Human Factors, Travel Behavior

Vehicle Environment Perception

Hybrid Evs

Vehicle Information Systems

ICT in the car

Vehicle localization and autonomous

Incidents and Evacuation

Vehicle Telematics

Industry 4.0

Vehicular Cloud Computing

Information Systems and Technologies

Vehicular Networks

Innovation management

Vessel Traffic Management

Innovation management toward sustainability in healthcare

Vision and Image Processing

Intelligent factories

Vision, and Environment Perception

Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems

Visualisation Approaches

Intelligent Logistics

Vulnerable Road Users and Animals

Intelligent transport systems

Wireless Sensor Networks

Intelligent urban transport systems

Work models. Support programs, Financial systems

Intelligent Vehicles

Working environment

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